See the movies

These movies show the one legged hopping robot and the biped robot described in the thesis. All movies are in MPEG format. Click any picture to see or download the movie.
This shows out-takes from training of the one-legged hopping machine. Watch it fall over in various ways. (3.8Mb)
This shows the fully-trained one-legged hopping machine following a path through its environment. It can go up and down a ramp without falling over. (3.6 Mb)
This shows one of the hopping machine's failed attempts to climb the ramp. A foot trail is rendered, which can help determine what has gone wrong. (2.9 Mb)
Only the motion sequencer is used in the controller, no other controller modules are active. The biped makes stereotyped stepping movements and falls down immediately. (1.8 Mb)
The effect of hip side compensation is demonstrated. Before hip side compensation training the biped sways from side to side as it walks. After training the biped stays more upright. (2.2 Mb).
The combined effect of hip twist compensation and arm swing is demonstrated. Before these things are trained the biped twists from left to right as it walks. After training the biped is steadier. (3.0 Mb)
The effect of global side drift compensation is demonstrated. Before compensation training the biped becomes unstable when it leaves its desired path. (3.6 Mb)
A tripping event is demonstrated - the biped's foot touches the ground prematurely during a walking cycle.  (1.3 Mb)
The effect of leg placement is demonstrated. Without it the biped makes no attempt to correct a falling motion. With correct leg placement the biped will place the feet to try and keep the body upright. (1.7 Mb)
Some out-takes from training are shown - the biped falls over in various ways as it learns to walk. (5.5 Mb)
Successful walking - walking with a steady gait along flat ground, walking at various speeds, changing direction, and walking up and down slopes. (14.2 Mb)
This shows what happens to the biped robot when the controller goes astray. (1 Mb)